Hiya Cuddlebugs!

What Do We Do?

We present Traditional and Original Sing-Along Songs and Share-Along Stories for children of all ages in Very Live Concert Performances that we call Musical-Story-Theatre. The hallmarks of our shows are Humor, Celebration, Fun and Cooperation.

Presented By...

Janet Marie--the personification of the “curious little kid”, the inner voice of the audience member saying “what is that?” “why is that?” “how do I do that?” she is excitable and innocent…asks good questions and helps come up with great answers. 


m’Archibald--mostly the straight man of the team. He sometimes gets humorously exasperated with Janet Marie’s millions of questions and interesting world view…but he’s always energized and amused by her antics.


Our Shows:

Imagine That!

Throughout the year we present ‘Imagine That!’ a collection of original and traditional sing-along songs and share-along stories that encourage singing and playing along both “from the seats” and “up on stage”. This is a touring show that can play wherever you can gather an audience--from an intimate in-classroom "unplugged" sing-along to fully realized onstage version. To find out more about Janet Marie&mArchibald Shows and CDs please click HERE.

Good News!

(shown in photos above) On an occasional basis we present one of our most popular "edu-tainment" shows: our performance-ministry ‘Good News!’ plays beautifully in churches, church schools, and for faith communities of all ages. This very live interactive performance uses humor, song, and familiar scripture-based stories to encourage our audiences to make a positive difference in their world. To find out more about Good News! Shows and CD please click HERE.

Boo Who?

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, our goofy goblins Boogah&Hoogah present their Halloween Sing-Along concert "Boo Who?" filled with silly-spooky sing-along songs for little monsters and their families and friends. To find out more about Boogah&Hoogah Shows and CD please click HERE. Note to Promoters--If you'd like to bring our full-scale Boogah & Hoogah show to your venue please click HERE.

For General Information Please Contact

Janet McCarty, janetmarie@imaginationtheatre.com
(248) 417-5765
Imagination Theatre Etc!/Children's Theatre of Michigan 6792 Berry Pointe Dr. Clarkston, Michigan 48348